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Recommend Marketing is a flexible and easy-to-use integration plugin that allows you to integrate your Woocommerce store with Recommend platform using Recommend API service. If you need any support contact support@recommend.coThe plugin integrates into Woocommerce hooks on the product page, cart, payment, and payment confirmation. The plugin catches campaigns on the Recommend platform by using additional parameters in the product link. After a successful product purchase, the plugin communicates with the Recommend API service and checks for conversions.
Summary of steps
1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard.
2. Go to your plugin settings and search for Recommend Referral
3. Download the plugin and activate it.
4. After activation - you will be required to add an API key from Recommend Platform. Go to your Recommend business account and under the Integration page select API keys.
5. Copy your Public key and add it to Recommend Plugin settings. In your Wordpress website click on Settings page in the left pane and then go to Recommend.
6. Under General options insert your API key and save the changes. You will be notified if the connection is established between Recommend platfrom and your website.
7. Turn on the testing mode, go to Recommend and try to make a purchase after clicking on your product on Recommend. Make sure you have saved the changes before testing.
8. If the testing and integration are valid, after adding the product to the cart, on Recommend business account - The conversion analytics tab will show the testing mode purchase.
9. Turn off the testing mode - enable autosync mode and save.

Downloading the plugin

To download Recommend plugin please go to your Wordpress admin dashboard and select page Plugins on your dashboard sidebar. Press add new plugin and search for Recommend Referral.After finding the Recommend plugin press download and activate the plugin.
Please make sure to check your core web vitals after downloading the new plugin. Check your site perfomance in order to make sure there is no impact due to do different versions of applications.

Test Connection

After downloading plugin - you will be redirected to Recommend plugin interface. You can also find Recommend plugin under your Settings tab on your website dashboard.You will be required to add your Recommend API key. You can find Recommend API key on Recommend business account under Integration page > API keys.


After you have enabled testing mode - now you can go to Recommend and upload your products. After you have uploaded products now you can try to go to product page and click Buy now button.Buy now button will redirect you to your product page. Please add your product to the cart on your webshop. Due to the testing mode as soon as you add your product to the cart - the conversion link should show in your conversion analytics on Recommend business account page.You can go back to your Recommend business account and check your conversion.


When your testing conversion is visible under your conversion analytics in your Recommend business account you can now go back to your Recommend plugin and uncheck the testing mode. Now you can turn on auto-sync mode that will make sure your product pricing is always up to date on Recommend even when you change prices on your Woocomerce shop.Each product that should be syncronized with Recommend platform needs to be set for sync in edit product page. Additionaly, you need to select the specific category from the provided categories dropdown.
Autosync will only work if you have added SKU numbers to Recommend Product, if they are correct and if the product is in active state in your webshop. This means that products in DRAFT mode will not be syncronized.

Go live

Now you can save changes and your integration is done. Please make sure that your core web vitals are working and that there is no impact of new plugin on your webshop functionalities.