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Happiness is in good choices.

Recommend is a social shopping platform that helps you find and buy products easily. You can make your own posts and make money by telling people about products you like. It's not just for shopping ideas, but also for lifestyle inspiration. Plus, it helps you decide what to choose, which is pretty helpful when you have tons of brands and products to choose from. You can also be part of a friendly community that gives advice and motivates you.

Now, with online shopping, we have even more choices. But having too many options can be stressful. This is where Recommend comes in. It's a new online platform that helps people make choices together. It's a place where users share what they buy and give advice to others. This makes choosing easier and less stressful. It's like a community that supports each other. Because in the end, good choices build good communities.

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Recommend Board and price notifications

Boards on Recommend represent a space to save and organize products you love, creating custom collections and wishlists across diverse categories. In other words, Recommend Board offers a personalized avenue for celebrating the things you love. Besides that, Recommend extends a helping hand with price notifications. Price notifications help you to stay informed and never miss out on a favorable deal, as we keep you updated on all the things you like.

Recommend referral program - Share&Earn

Share products you love with your friends and earn rewards while you do it. Simply send your favorite items to your friends, and when they make a purchase, you'll receive 5% of the product price directly into your Recommend wallet. Your Recommend wallet is your personal hub for rewards. You can use the money however you want. Easily withdraw it once you reach €35, or let it grow for more shopping fun. The choice is yours.

Recommend Shop

Imagine having a direct window into the preferences and recommendations of your favorite content creators. Delve into their curated selection of products, handpicked and presented in their very own Shop. Basically, It's like shopping with a friend who truly gets your style. Discover new items, explore fresh trends, and make choices that resonate with your interests, all guided by the content creators you love. Experience shopping that's not just about products, but about shared inspiration, connection, and a world of possibilities.

Business Account

If you have your own business, you can create a profile for your company on this part of the platform. If you're interested in how Recommend works from a brand's perspective, you can find all the important information here. If you're an influencer or content creator who wants to use Recommend for additional earnings through promotion and creative content, take a look at the For creators part of the platform.


If you have some further questions about Recommend, check out our How it works page.
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