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A Recommend channel enables you to share shopping recommendations with your followers in a more intimate and exclusive way. On channel, you can chat with your community, answer questions, upload images, share recommendations, and many more!

Recommend channel is like a virtual coffee shop where you and your people meet to talk about brands, products, prices, recommendations, and all things shopping. It's also an additional way to make money. Channels work as a monthly subscription, and you decide how much you charge as a monthly fee to your followers.

Besides that, channels are public and everyone can join them, meaning they are a great tool to grow your audience!

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How to create a Recommend channel?

  1. To create a channel, you have to be logged in and choose the Shopping channel option.

Log in to Recommend

  1. Enter the channel name, description, and monthly membership fee. In the Member role part, you can enable channel members to read and send messages, or you can enable them the read option only.

Create a channel on Recommend

  1. You can find your channel (as well as all the channels) in the channels section. On your channel, you can chat with other channel members, share shopping recommendations, upload photos, etc. To get a bigger reach, you can also share it across other social media platforms.

Recommend channel from the inside

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